Torches and Soldering Accessories
"SHARK" or "WHALE" Torches
Our most popular torches, these use propane. Both have regulators and come with small, medium, and large tips. The "Shark" torch connects to a small disposable propane tank. The "Whale" torch connects to a BBQ propane tank. (Note: We do not carry propane.)
Orca Torch $210.00

Butane Micro Torch

Electronic instant ignition torch requires only one hand to ignite and adjust the flame. The easy, thumb-adjustable gas flow lever allows precision flame corrections. Approximate working time is 90 minutes.
Butane Torch $49.95

Jumbo Butane Torch

Large flame nozzle, self igniting, safety lock system, adjustable flame, works at any angle, temperature reaches 2600ºF.

Use it for: soldering, metal clay, metal sculpting, wax working & other micro torch applications.

Jumbo Butane Torch $59.95

14.220 Butane Fuel $8.95


Please note: All prices are subject to change without notice.

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