Mountain Gems



GS Hypo Cement- Attach beads and pearls to wires and cords neatly.  Precision applicator allows you to place small quantities of glue inside beads without creating a mess.  Dries clear, will not bond fingers, and will not damage the surface to which it is applied.
Price:  $6.95


Epoxy 220 - Amber clear bond - Stronger than 330. 1 oz    


Beacon 527

Price:  $7.95 for 2 fluid oz tube





E6000 Glue - an outstanding adhesive, formulated to meet the hugh standards of crafters.  Its thicker viscosity outperforms typical super glue.  When fully cured, this glue bonds tight, clear, and is acid free.

$3.50 for 0.5 fluid oz tube
$7.50 for 3.7 oz tube


Epoxy 330 - Crystal clear - rock hard. 1 oz       



Please note: All prices are subject to change without notice.