Cuttlefish Casting

Cuttlefish Casting


No prior jewelry making experience required to take this class.


Casting on a Budget

July 20 & 21

10:30- 4:30pm

Cost:  $195.00 + Gst



Overview - Two Day Workshop:  Come and spend a weekend learning how to cast on a budget. Create professional looking jewelry using basic items found around the house. Your instructor will show you how to cast using cuttlefish bone, sand, broom straw and other mediums. Lots of fun and and time to play with all the different techniques! Go home feeling comfortable and confident around torches and molten metal. Students will also have the chance to complete a number of finished pieces of jewellery with their newly cast objects.


Objectives: Students will learn a variety of ways to use up scrap bits of silver and turn them into something fun and unique. Once you have made a few pieces, learn how to add a bail or posts to turn your casting into a finished pieces. Students will go home with the know how to do this comfortable in their own students.



Instructor will provide all hand tools used during this workshop. (Students are welcome to bring their own tools if they'd like.)

Students will only need to bring their own sterling silver casting grain or scrap silver for melting.  ( Recommended a minimum of 20 grams of silver.)


Activities: In this 2 day workshop you will:

1. Learn multiple casting techniques that are easy to set up at home. 

2. Students will get demos and hands on experience with sand casting, salt casting, bean casting, broom casting, water casting and sand casting.

3. Learn about suitable torches and set up for doing these techniques at home.


Class Tips: The class is an 2 day workshop. Come with an open mind and ready to play. Students will spend the day trying many different melting techniques and casting processes. This is a great way to use up scrap bits of silver while making something beautiful in the process!


Call to register:  604-298-5883 or Toll free 1-888-593-1888


Instructor,  Kelly Allanson

See Instructor website, for a gallery of work and follow her on Instagram @kellyallanson