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No previous experience required.

Festive Charms in PMC


Nov 26

10:30am- 4:30pm

Cost: $185 + Gst


Overview - One Day Workshop:  In this 6 hour class you will make 4-5 charms or pendants out of PMC3, Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay. It's a fun day putting your creativity to work some lovely pieces, perfect for holiday gifts for that special someone.


Objectives: In this one day class, students will design & finish your pieces. Students will learn how to work with PMC, form shape and shape it, dry and sand it, then fire it with a hand held torch.  There are lots of tips and tricks to PMC and Liz is happy to share them all to make this a great learning experience.



All tools and supplies are included in the price of the class.  Liz will supply lots of design items, molds and textures as well as finishing tools. Just bring your creativity!



What is PMC?: PMC, precious metal clay is manufactured by Mitsubishi. PMC consists of fine precious metal particles, a man-made binder, and water. It is from ethically mined materials, as well as recycled and reclaimed metals derived from scrap jewellery, cell phones, computers, monitors and industrial waste. It is available in Fine Silver, Bronze, Copper, Steel, Gold and Sterling Silver. PMC3 is the lowest firing temperature version, and is what we will use in this course.


Activities: In this one day workshop you will:

1. Learn about the properties of PMC3. See a demo of how to make your design.

2. Plan, design and make your pieces of jewellery and finish them by the end of the day to wear home.

3. Learn torch firing, and discuss kiln firing


Class Tips: You are welcome to bring your own tools and stamps if you have them. You might have molds, texture plates, botanicals or an old button you want to take a design from.

Extra silver will be available to buy if you want to make more pieces: class supplies include 1 package, 16 grams of PMC3.


Call to register: 604-298-5883 or Toll free 1-888-593-1888


Instructor,  Liz McDonald, Rio Grande PMC Certification

See Instructor website, for a gallery of work and follow her on Instagram @CoveCoast