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 Reticulation with Kelly Allanson

Reticulation with Kelly Allanson


No previous experience required.


Intro to Reticulation

 Feb 3

10:30- 4:30pm

Cost:  $120.00 + Gst



Overview - One Day Workshop:  This one day course offers an introductory look at Reticulation.   This one day workshop will allow you to learn how to create unique wave patterns and moon-like surfaces. Students will design a project of their choice, bracelet, ring or pendant and we will work through the steps together to create a finished project. Great for both beginners and experienced silversmiths.


Objectives: Students will spend the day learning how to prep their reticulation silver for this unique process and then how to create the beautiful textures seen in reticulation. Students will learn how their flame size and positioning of it can change the patterns created on the surface of the reticulation silver. Finish the day off adding bails or turning your reticulated piece into a ring band. It's a full day of creative fun geared for both the beginner silversmith and the experienced.



Instructor will provide all hand tools.

Students will only be required to purchase a piece of reticulation silver. 

(22ga for earrings)

(18ga or 20ga for a ring band or cuff)


Activities: In this 1 day workshop you will:

1. Learn how to prep reticulation to get the best results.

2. Learn how flame size and position of your torch with affect your patterns in the metal.

3. Go home with a stunning piece started and finished in 1 day.


Class Tips: The class is a 1 day workshop. Be open to the textures you create and let them mold the final product. 


Call to register: 604-298-5883 or Toll free 1-888-593-1888


Instructor,  Kelly Allanson

See Instructor website, for a gallery of work and follow her on Instagram @kellyallanson