Mountain Gems


Chain Nose Pliers
All purpose pliers with smooth jaws and slightly rounded edges.

255.00 Small Box Joint$6.95 

Economy Box Joint$12.95 

46.106 Jewellers' Series Box Joint$30.50 


Round Nose Pliers
Jaws are round and smooth for forming loops in wire. Very useful in jewellery repair as well as construction of original wire jewellery.

255.10 Small Box Joint$6.95

Economy Box Joint$12.95

46.104 Jewellers' Series Box Joint$30.50


Flat Nose Pliers
Flat nose duck bill pliers with smooth jaws. Ideal for bending square corners of wire-constructed jewellery.

255.05 Small Box Joint$6.95

Economy Box Joint$12.95

46.102 Jewellers' Series Box Joint$30.50








Diagonal (Side) Cutters
Cutters have rounded end.

255.15 Small$6.95


46.124 Jewellers' Series$41.95


Half-Round and Flat Nose Pliers
One jaw is half-round and the other is flat. Jaw width is 1/4".


Indian (similar to 46.114)$17.95