No prior jewelry making experience required to take this class.



Aug 10

10:30- 4:30pm

Cost:  $120.00 + Gst



Overview - One Day Workshop:  Make a statement with this cuff! Learn a multitude of folding techniques to use on your cuff to create one of a kind fluid bracelets. The instructor will spend the day walking students throughs a wide range of folds and techniques that will bring life to their jewellery like no other. Natural heat patinas, oxidizing liquids and high polish finishes will also be covered. Each person will design and create their cuff to suit their personal style.


Objectives: Students will learn a number of folding techniques using vises, hammers, steel blocks etc. They will also be shown how to add texture when wanted, and natural heat patinas. Blackening agents will also be shown, as will a high polish if those are prefered.



Instructor will provide all hand tools used during this workshop. (Students are welcome to bring their own tools if they'd like.)

Students will only need to purchase enough metal to create their cuff. They will need a minimum of 6” long by whatever width they’d like for their cuff in either sterling silver, copper, brass or bronze sheet. Preferably 26ga sheet but 24ga can be used if desired. 24ga can just be a little bit harder to manipulate but will create the same results but give a little more weight to the cuff.


Activities: In this 2 day workshop you will:

1. Learn multiple folds used in foldforming. 

2. Students will get demos and hands on experience with heat patinas, blackening agents, & high polishes.


Class Tips: Come with an open mind and ready to play. Students will spend the day trying many different fold techniques that will allow them to bring an organic feel to metal that is hard to achieve any other way. All experience levels welcome.


Call to register:  604-298-5883 or Toll free 1-888-593-1888


Instructor,  Kelly Allanson

See Instructor website, for a gallery of work and follow her on Instagram @kellyallanson