Mountain Gems











Optical glass prismatic lenses ground and polished to precise optical standards - bevelled and mounted in an interchangable plastic frame. The ABS high impact material provides a tough durable visor that tilts out of the way when not needed and is at your fingertips when you do. An adjustable headband that fits everyone is made from a lightweight ABS material comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Comes with orthopaedic felt pads to add comfort.

29.470 DA-2 Magnify 1.5x at 20"$56.50

29.471 DA-3 Magnify 1.75x at 14"$56.50

29.472 DA-4 Magnify 2x at 10"$56.50

29.473 DA-5 Magnify 2.5x at 8"$56.50

29.474 DA-7 Magnify 2.75x at 6"$58.50

29.475 DA-10 Magnify 3.5x at 4"$58.50




This lens fits to the Optivisor to add 2.5x extra power to either eyepiece. Swings away when you don't need it.

29.480 DA-LP1$12.95


20.5mm Economy Loupe
For a wider view, use this larger version. The doublet is 20.5mm wide and is all metal with a chrome finish. It has a 1" focal length.

Doublet 10x power$14.95

 Triplet Loupes
Each of the triplet loupes comes in its own leather carrying case.

Triplet 10x power$29.95

Triplet 20x power$39.95

Please note: All prices are subject to change without notice.