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PRE-REQUISITE: Minimum of an 8 week beginner silversmithing class.


Lost Wax Casting

May 12- June 23

(Note: No class June 2)

10:30- 2:30pm

$550 + GST


Practical experience and a general overview of the lost wax casting process are available in this course. For six weeks the students will have an opportunity to learn to carve a wax model for a piece of jewellery, prepare it for casting, and cast it in sterling silver. A review of finishing options such as polishing and tumbling will enable you to complete your piece of jewellery. Material costs are extra.


Lost Wax Course Outline

Week 1:  Introductions and an ice breaking exercise. Handouts will be given out with an overview of the equipment that we use during the course and safety concerns. An introductory walk through of the entire process of lost wax casting with examples of each stage of the process will be available. Sawing, cutting and carving waxes will be demonstrated to show the initial stages in creating a wax model for casting. Work time will be available to buy materials and to start your first wax carving.

Week 2:  A demonstration of using wax hot or in the liquid state for building up waxes or repairs. Plus an introduction to some of the sheet waxes and moulding waxes as an alternative to carving or as a compliment to it. Also a demo of thinning out waxes with the flex shaft in order to reduce weight for casting. Also a discussion and practise on how to determine the amount of silver required for your wax to be cast into silver. And a demonstration of sprueing the wax models on to a base for the cylinder.

Week 3:  Your first wax model should be ready for investing into a cylinder; time is available for weighing, sprueing and investing your wax model for next class. Work time is also available after this to complete or start a new project.

Week 4:  An exciting class in that we do our first lost wax castings. The kiln will be set up beforehand. Sometime mid class we will cast our work using the centrifuge. During periods of waiting the students can be working on another wax model or investing the original one(s) if not previously done.

Week 5:  A demonstration and discussion on how to finish castings. The two options demonstrated will be tumbling and hand-polishing one's work. Working time on self- directed projects is available. A casting will occur this week for either a second project or the original one(s).

Week 6: How to solder settings and findings onto your cast Jewellery will be demonstrated. A continuation of filing and finishing will occur to complete the course.


Instructor: Peggy Logan


Call to register: 604-298-5883 or Toll free 1-888-593-1888