No prior jewelry making experience required to take this class.


Tension Set Ring


May 18

10:30- 4:30pm

$120 + Gst



Overview - One Day Workshop:  This one day workshop will give you a stunning ring that everyone will think you bought! But it is easier than it looks. Students will learn how to create tension in their metal so that it will hold the stone in place. No torches or soldering needed!  No soldering required!  The end results are beautiful and easy to repeat.  Both beginner and experienced jewellers are welcome.


Objectives: Students will have a number of options for wire styles and can choose between a round or oval faceted stones. Class supplies can be picked up during the class in the store. The instructor will demonstrate a flush tension set ring as well as a ring that sits up higher for a larger stone (like pictured above). Then students will be walked through the steps to create their own beautiful ring.



Instructor will provide all hand tools for use during the class. Students will one need to by some silver wire and a round or oval faceted stone. The instructor will go over wire options during class as there are pro's and cons to using various ones.


Activities: In this 1 day workshop you will:

1. Learn how to bend and size your ring band.

2. Learn how to create a good tension in your band to securely hold the stone in place.

3. Learn how to polish and set the stone.


Class Tips: The class is 1 day workshop. It is recommended students pick up their materials once the instructor has had a chance to go over the various options and why they are good.


Call to register: 604-298-5883 or Toll free 1-888-593-1888


Instructor,  Kelly Allanson

See Instructor website, www.kellyallanson.com for a gallery of work and follow her on Instagram @kellyallanson