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Pro-craft pickle

Pro-Craft Pickle

Standard sodium bisulfate compound is mixed with warm water to make economical solution. Works best at 125 F (52 C).

45.112  10 oz  -$7.50


sparex pickle


Dry granular acid compound specially made for pickling and the cleaning and removing of surface oxidation and scale from copper and silver. Non-flammable and non-explosive.

10 oz  -$7.95



Batterns Flux


Self-pickling, hard-soldering flux. For hard soldering on gold, silver, or platinum. Coat piece with this mixture of boric acid and denatured alcohol.

54.400  -1 oz      $7.50

54.406  -16 oz   $15.95


borax cone

Borax Cone

Prepared borax for making flux for soldering jewellery.  Dissolves easily when rubbed on borax slate.  Comes in 4 oz. cone.

54.252  -  $14.50


Dandix Fulx


For use in low temperature brazing and silver soldering ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Begins to dissolve oxides at 800º F (427º C) and is fluid-active between 1100º and 1600º F (593º and 871º C). Contains no flouride. Choose 1.5 oz, 8 oz., or 16 oz.

54.440  -1.5 oz   $10.95

54.442  -8 oz     $20.50

54.444  -16 oz    $30.95


Griffith self pickling flux

Griffith's Self Pickling Flux

A liquid hard soldering flux for metals which melt under 2000°F (1093°C)

54.512  -$9.50


Prip's Flux

Prip's Flux

A liquid hard soldering flux that prevents the formation of firecoat and firescale during soldering.

54.501  -4oz    $7.50

54.502  -8oz   $10.50


Heat Shields


Heat Shield

Protects any surface from flame damage heat transfer during ~ fabrication and repair procedures (precious stones, previously soldered ~ joints, and enameling) Not necessary to remove stone before soldering. ~ Prevents oxidation and is odorless and non-toxic.. Water soluble.

54.448  -$24.95



Kool Jool

Kool Jool

Protects against heat while soldering. Lets you solder without removing stones (except opal, turquoise, emerald and other sensitive stones). Thick gel stays where you place it. So easy to use, it's also nontoxic and odorless. 

54.468  -$14.95


Therma Guard

Vigor Therm -a-guard

Made of Silquar, a unique ceramic material which forms a protective blanket around any stone or jewel while adjacent metal parts are being soldered or heated. Resists temperatures up to 2000ºF (1093ºC), odorless, non-toxic and easy to use. Comes in 2 oz. (57 g) jar, good for hundreds of jobs, because it`s reusable. 

54.469  -$18.50






Soldering Blocks

soldering block


White Kiln Bricks

full size  - $12.00

1/2 size  -  $7.00



charcoal blocks

Charcoal Blocks

Grobet USA Charcoal Soldering Blocks. A time proven technique for effective soldering. Under flame, the charcoal glows and reflects heat back in to work, making the flame more efficient. Select, close-grained, knot-free wood is chemically prepared with a special process for soldering. Easily punctured to hold work. (Not heat rated). Available in three sizes.

54.162  -$20.50

54.152  -$13.50

54.182  -$24.50


Soldering Pics


Titanium Soldering Pic

Non-stick titanium tips prevent solder from adhering. Handle colors help keep picks dedicated to specific metal types or karat values, preventing cross-contamination.
• Strong, slender, stay-cool handle.
• Use with gold and silver.

54.771  -$13.95


tungsten soldering pic

Tungsten Soldering Pic

Specifically made to lift minute drops of molten solder, features a tungsten rod to which solder cannot stick! A non-conductive, non-roll handle assures ease of handling.

54.775  -$9.50




torch striker

This striker can produce up to 2,000 sparks using friction to ignite your torches. Replacement flints available.

14.205  -$5.95




Fire tweezers

Fire Tweezers

Cross Locking with wooden handles

Straight  -$5.95

Bent  -$5.95


soldering tweezers

Solder Tweezers




copper tongs

Copper Tongs

Suitable for pickling and acid solutions. Use copper or plastic tongs when removing articles from pickling solutions - steel tongs will cause the pickling solution to become contaminated. 8-1/2" length.

Choose curved tip or 'fish-tail' end.

57.052  -   $11.95



Anti-Flux Powder

yellow ochre

When this powder is mixed with water or alcohol, it can be used to prevent the flow of solder to unwanted areas, such as a previously soldered joint or the moving parts of a catch. 

1/2oz  -$3.50

8oz    -$16.95



Soldering Aids

third hand

Third Hand

Keep both hands free and components in place with this benchtop work station. The weighted base (1-3/4-lbs./750g) holds your work in place and frees both hands to manipulate the torch and solder pick. Includes one cross-lock tweezer

54.080  -$11.95

tripod with mesh screen

Tripod with Mesh Screen

This versatile 9"-high (229mm) steel tripod with 4-3/4"-diameter (121mm) ring holds your work at a comfortable level on your workbench and allows even heating from all directions. Use with a torch, alcohol lamp or Bunsen burner. Good for soldering, heating, brazing and enameling. 

14.312-6" with light mesh  

14.315  -9" with light mesh

14.330  -replacement heavy screen  $10.95