Gold Panning in British Columbia

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Jim Lewis & Susan Campany

I want to gold pan; I want to strike rich. Ive been searching for a stream of gold. Its these fortunes I never win that keep me searching for a stream of gold. And Im getting old. I keep searching for my stream of gold; and Im getting close.

If those words sound like a common refrain, dont despair. With this newly compiled and expanded edition of Jims previous three bestselling gold-panning guides to BC in your library, youll know where to find streams of gold all over BC. Jim Lewis has been gold panning all across this province, and now hes sharing his fortune and spilling the motherlode about which creaks pan out. Each creek is well described and accompanied by clear directions and maps. In addition to disclosing his most treasured tips and tricks, Jim teaches you how to read the river and summarizes the mining history of each region. From what time of year to head out, what to bring with you and what to watch out for, Gold Panning in British Columbia covers the basics and beyond. You wont need a rainbow to help you find a pot of gold.