PRE-REQUISITE: Minimum of an 8 week beginner silversmithing class

Soldering 101

Sept 21 & 22


$195 + Gst



Overview - Two Day Workshop:  This class was put together as a special request.  As an instructor I am continually asked for a class focusing on soldering.  This is that class! Soldering 101 is a way to brush up on your skills with using a torch and learning the best methods for soldering that perfect piece of jewellery.


Objectives: Over 2 days we'll be investigating sweat soldering, pick soldering and chip soldering. We'll spend time looking at how to set up our pieces for soldering using fire bricks, tripods and other aids, proper flame sizes and torch selection.  Every project tends to have its own individual needs, so we'll break down how to figure out what works best for those individual projects.  If students have something they are working on and would like to bring it along to discuss it with the instructor, please feel free to.  We will have simple projects to focus on the soldering techniques that students can finish up in class or at home.



Insstructor will provide all tools. Students will only need to buy or bring silver for projects they design based off of skills demonstrated by instructor.


Activities: In this 2 day workshop you will:

1. Learn about various soldering techniques.

2. Learn how to use soldering props and the pros and cons of using different types of soldering bricks and tripods.

3. Learn about different types of solders, torches and when best to use them.


Class Tips: This class is meant to work on skills and for getting comfortable with the torch. Feel free to bring any project ideas or actual projects that you are struggling with. We will be address these together as a class and then students will get one on one instruction to overcome these obstacles.


Call to register: 604-298-5883 or Toll free 1-888-593-1888


Instructor,  Kelly Allanson

See Instructor website, www.kellyallanson.com for a gallery of work and follow her on Instagram @kellyallanson