Mountain Gems


Some prior jewelry making experience is recommended to take this class.


Surface Techniques for Jewelry


Oct 13 & 14

10:30- 4:30pm

$195 + Gst



Overview - two Day Workshop: This two-day survey course offers a wide variety of techniques to add depth to your projects.


Objectives: Learn acid etching, inlays, roller printing and patinas all in one weekend! 



Required Tools:

  • 1- Sawframe with 3/0 Blades
  • 6"x6" – 18-22ga Copper Sheet
  • 3ft- Easy or Medium Wire Solder
  • Sterling Silver Sheet (18 or 20ga: Bring what you have, or buy it during class. What you want to do will determine how much is needed)
  • An old scraps of silver from previous projects
  • Goggles or eye protection
  • Textured paper, material, dried leaves/flowers, lace, stickers, etc. (Bring what you have: Anything you think would make a neat imprint when put through the rolling mill, or that can be used as a stencil for acid etching. The instructor will be bringing things in for the students to use as well.)

Additional materials may be required


Activities: In this 2 day intensive workshop you will:

1. Learn about how to safely use various acids for etching metal.

2. Learn how to inlay in metal to get a contrast in your metals.

3. Learn how to use a rolling mill proberly to get the best texturing results

4. Learn how to apply patinas to your metal to give it an antiqued finish.


Class Tips: The class is 2 day workshop. It is geared to create a collection of sample pieces that can be used in a finished piece at a later date, so it is best to have some previous silversmithing experience, even if it's just a weekend beginner silversmithing class.


Call to register: 604-298-5883 or Toll free 1-888-593-1888


Instructor, Cori Hughes