Mountain Gems

Wire Working Tools

Wooden Deluxe Drawplate

Price:  $10.95


Twisting Pliers  

You can use this special tool to wrap tight, consistent twist wire lengths.  Simple one-pull action and automatic return twists wire quickly into a strand that will not unravel.  Cutting blades in center will cut soft wire easily.  (8 1/4 inches (21cm))

Price:  $24.95






Beginner Thing-a-ma-jig 

An inexpensive, entry level tool that works best with smaller gauge wires (20-28ga) for light-duty jigging.  Its compact, lightweight size 3"x4" (7cm x 10cm) makes it well suited for travel.  Base and pegs are plastic.  (wire and beads not included)
Price:  $9.95


Deluxe Thing-a-ma-jig

Ideal for forming elaborate loops for jewelry components.  Simply adjust the pegs on the jig base to create patterns of your own or follow the pattern-sheet included with the jig.  Replicate designs consistently time and time again.  It is a sturdy 4"x5" (10cm x 13cm) Aluminum base with aluminum pegs, this sturdy aluminum construction reduces deformities from prolonged use.  (wire and beads not included)
Price:  $21.95




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