Mountain Gems offers a wide range of Silversmithing and Lapidary Workshops that cater to all skill levels. Located in Burnaby, just a hop, skip & jump away from downtown Vancouver. With lots of street parking & access to many main transit routes.

The Mountain Gems Studio has now re-opened with a new look. Maximum 5 students, individual workstations with personal flex-shafts and torch stations so no more sharing, hand sanitizer stations and mask requirements.

Please check our schedule for upcoming workshops. They are filling quickly these days so put your name on the waitlist if interested in a specific workshop.

Silversmithing & Lapidary Classes in the Lower Mainland

Beginner Silversmithing - 8 week course

This 8 week course is the perfect way to learn the main skills when it comes to jewelry making. Students will make a minimum of 3 projects while covering a variety of different techniques like soldering, filing, polishing, design, metal fabrication and stone setting.
This class is perfect for the beginner and caters to small class sizes with lots of one on one instruction. Please call 604-298-5883 for more info or to sign up for one of our classes.

All covid safety protocols will be in place to make your experience fun and stress free, please do not come if you are experiencing any covid symptoms or have been around anyone with covid.

$249 + GST for the course
Students will be required to purchase a tool kit for the class ($125) and any materials used for individual projects done during the workshop

Tool Kit includes:
• 4" Sawframe
• 6" 1/2 round file (2 Cut)
• File Handle
• 1/2 Round (4 Cut) needle flie
• 1 dozen sawblades 2/0
• AA tweezers
• Emery Strips (240, 280, 400 grit)
• Burnisher
• Fine Tip Sharpie Pen
• Ruler

Intensive Beginner Weekend Workshop

This is the perfect class for those that can't commit to an 8 week class but want to learn everything. During these 2 full days, students will make 2 projects, the first is a ring with a stone set in it and the second is a a pierced and sweat soldered pendant. These 2 projects will give students a good feel for torch use and other key fabrication techniques when it comes to silversmithing. Soldering, filing, polishing, and stone setting are just a few of the techniques covered during the 2 days.

$235 + GST for the course
Students will be required to purchase a tool kit for the class ($125) and any materials used for individual projects during the workshop.

Tool Kit includes:
• 4" Sawframe
• 6" 1/2 Round File (2 Cut)
• File Handle
• 1/2 Round (4 Cut) Needle File
• 1 dozen sawblades 2/0
• AA Tweezers
• Emery Strips (240, 280, 400 grits)
• Burnisher
• Fine Tip Sharpie Pen
• Ruler

Intro to Stone Carving

This two day class will teach students how to create simple shapes in agate and jaspers using flexshafts and diamond tools. The first day focuses on the carving and shaping of stone, while the second day looks at polishing and finishing aspects of the different types of stone. This class is perfect allowing students to be able to take their new skills home and set up their own carving station for minimal money.

This class has a maximum of 6 students so it is a small group where students will get a lot of individual attention.

$235 +GST for the course
Carving tools and diamond powder Kit required. Available in store the day of class.

Advanced Stone Setting with Kelly Allanson

This intensive workshop is technique focused rather than design driven and is meant to take your setting skills to the next level.

The first day is spent working on samples of tube setting and Prong Setting. The 2nd day is focused on covering gypsy setting. Students are welcome to turn any of their practice samples into simple projects. Be aware if they so choose, it will take away time from getting the supervised practice time of the actual settings. All settings can be added to projects at a later time.

This two-day technical course offers a look at various stone setting techniques. We will be focused on gypsy, prong, tube setting.

No tools are required, the instructor will supply them for use in class. Students will only be required to purchase or bring their own silver and stones for the workshop.

Please call the store at 604-298-5883 to sign up or come in to do it in person.

$235 + GST for the course
Students will be required to purchase stones and silver for practice samples. All other tools will be supplied by the instructor.

Casting on a Budget

Come and spend a weekend learning how to cast on a budget. Create professional looking jewelry using basic items found around the house. Your instructor will show you how to cast using cuttlefish bone, sand, broom straw and other mediums. Lots of fun and time to play with all the different techniques! Go home feeling comfortable and confident around torches and molten metal. Students will also have the chance to complete a number of finished pieces of jewellery with their newly cast objects.

Cost: $235 + GST, no extra tools to buy.
Bring your scrap silver or purchase casting grain in store for your castings.