Crystal Shamanism: Sacred Earth Medicine Healings

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Journey within to awaken your inner shaman.

Based on bestselling author Rachelle Charman's 20 years of teaching and writing practice,
Crystal Shamanism comes to offer ceremonial practical healing to awaken your knowledge of earth medicine.

By using crystals, you will experience a shamanic awakening that will assist you to build a strong relationship with the spirit of each medicine. This book includes stories of Rachelle's personal experiences, and each story offers earth medicine and healing for you to learn and teach others.

We are currently living in a very special time, where as a mass consciousness we are awakening to a deeper truth. It is time to awaken this innate knowing inside of us to offer this in our present time to our community, and to those who feel lost and in need of guidance and healing.

This book is for anyone drawn to the path of healing and helping humanity.


Written by Rachelle Charman