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GENIE IS VERSATILE. You get more than just a G & P machine. The attachments and accessories described below let you perform a variety of functions.

• Trim saw attachment with 8" blade lets you convert your Genie to a trim saw in a matter of minutes. Now you can even take a trim saw along when you travel.

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• Regular flat laps and discs attach to the left end of the motor shaft, letting you grind and polish flats.

• Now you can polish flats on the Lapcraft "No Hole" discs. They screw into the right hand wheel adaptor of the Genie, giving you a 6" diameter lap with no bothersome center hole.

• Our new magnetic Nova Discs make quick work of polishing flats. Standard Nova Discs, leather and canvas pads and other accessories with a 1/4"-20 thread bolt fit the Genie.