Stones Alive! 3 Translating the Crystalline Grid

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Hi there! We're Marilyn and Tohmas Twintreess, Crystal listeners. When we first started listening and learning with Stones, they helped us use their energies in combinations and in specific jewelry and tools to help us evolve and to manifest our true dreams. After doing that together gloriously, they invited us to write a new kind of Stones reference books new because while they would have traditional geology/geography information, they would FEATURE the exact wisdom and gifts of Crystals, as they wanted to offer them: Hence the Stones Alive! Vol 1-3 books were born. All Stones Alive! books list individual Stones A-Z and their energies and messages. Then the 2nd half of the books focus on utterly unique, potent Stonecombinations to support people manifesting their true, magnificent potentials, like Business Success, Bliss, and Disease into Vitality. What distinguishes Volume 2 from the other books: * Emotional Bridges (linking heart to heart with the Stones) * Evolutionary Support (utterly transforming with Stones) In short, Stones Alive! Vol 1 easily presents you the messages from the consciousness of the Mineral Kingdom. Volume 2 does the same, but expands that by adding the above categories, to encourage you to listen to the Stones yourself. Volume 3 invites you to live and create with the Stones as allies. It is our great joy to have lived and listened with all the Stones in these books and they have enriched our worlds magnificently. With their unconditional, generous help, we have transformed, and linked others to Stones around the world miraculously, abundantly and gratefully! Join us, Marilyn & Tohmas Twintreess