Tumbler Vibe 5 Starter Kit

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5 lbs: Vibratory Tumbler

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This is the Raytech Tumble-Vibe TV-5 Rock Polishing Kit for polishing rocks, stones and glass.  Simple and easy to use, this kit features the versatile TV-5 vibratory tumbler either in 110V (or 230V if you have 230V power) and enough media to process 8 to 15 pounds of stone right out of the box.  The TV-5 can handle up to a maximum of 5 lbs of rock and media at one time in its 8" diameter bowl.  This rock polishing kit contains:

  • Raytech Tumble Vibe TV-5 (230V)
  • 1-Jar Silicone Carbide 100/1200 Media
  • 1-Jar Silicon Carbide 700 Media
  • 1-Jar Iolox 50 Media
  • 1-Jar Raybite TL Media
  • 1-The Art and Science of Mass Finishing Booklet