Wax and Casting: A Notebook of Process and Technique

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From the Preface of this 186 page "This notebook is developed from lectures and demonstrations spanning twenty-five years of teaching. Full of tips and sage advice, the wide variety of wax and casting techniques that are covered have been developed or discovered by students, fellow jewelers, and myself through practice and application. The techniques in this notebook are sequentially organized for your skills to grow and stack one upon the other. The simple structure of the text is designed to make the processes and procedures both easy-to-find and comfortable to follow. Procedures are generally kept to the open or facing pages. No flipping pages in the middle of a process, and the spiral binding allows the book to lay flat when open. This is a book that records ways of doing things. The background grid on each page will give you a structure to change or add information that you experience or discover. It is important that you record your experiences, for only then can you repeat them with consistency. These records of changes not only give you a report of your growth, but they will help you to repeat or avoid specific actions. The opening chapter discusses a type of design philosophy and the importance of a personal vision, which I believe is very individual and private to each artist. In subsequent chapters, only processes and techniques are presented. What you do with the techniques will be of your design visions, not mine. The To develop confidence in your craftsmanship as an artist." Along with the descriptive text are dozens of detailed illustrations.